Electronics vs. Outdoors

Kids Playing photo by Robert Collins

Do you remember growing up by staying outside until the street lights came on? I knew I needed to be inside when the street lights cut on. If my mom yelled my first name, I needed to be rounding the corner, however, sometimes I would push the edge. If my Mom managed to get to my middle name, I was in t-r-o-u-b-l-e!!

We played so many games and I would be hot, sweaty and would drink from the water hose. We would spend time swimming (I grew up in Miami and everyone in our neighborhood had in-ground pools), playing hide n seek, swinging statues, and tag. We were very fit needless to say. I miss those days of being very active and not a care in the world other than being tagged!

We live in a society that is very technologically advanced. Groceries can be delivered to your door, Amazon (anything you need?), GrubHub, Door Dash, Shipt, etc. Our neighborhood is pretty quiet, however, there are plenty of children because I see them get onto the school bus. Why are they not outside playing? Are they really staying inside? How much is too much screen time? Screen time includes tablets, television, game systems, cell phones, etc. I limit my son, which fortunately he is not into gaming but sometimes we binge watch television. I try to get us out by gardening, walking, swimming, hiking, or even window shopping. If you don’t bring your wallet, you won’t get in any trouble. LOL. I would rather be outdoors, even doing chores than being inside. We really enjoy people watching and will sit on the front porch sipping sweet tea or lemonade.

Childhood obesity is on the rise. I recall when I was in school there might one or two kids that had a weight issue. Now when I am at the school I amazed at how many children, from elementary to high school, are overweight. With that comes all the other health concerns like diabetes, asthma, heart issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol just to name a few. Not to mention other factors like being bullied in school or online. Below I saw an interesting article about childhood obesity.

Photo by Robert Collins

What makes it partly difficult is that a salad actually costs more than cheeseburgers and fries. There is something seriously wrong with that picture!! It should never be to the point where getting a good, healthy nutritious choice is sacrificed because of a financial need.

I was excited when Noah started high school because I just knew that there would be a salad bar. I was wrong. Unfortunately, if you don’t like what is being served that day, the school will let you have a sack lunch. Sandwich, chips, and milk. Most of the meals here are pizza and a cinnamon roll. Or a chicken “bowl” with bread. Very few options. It really makes no sense to me. I do try and balance our meals out. I shop via the sales that are on and plan our menu based on sales. I stock up on meat whenever it is a really good sale. We also do a meatless night once per week. Every little bit helps and by cooking at home, I am aware of what is going into our food (and our budget).

I would like to encourage you to get outdoors more. We need that Vitamin D naturally. In 20 minutes you can get your necessary Vitamin D. That isn’t long, is it? I am trying to walk more before the weather changes and then I guess I will be doing the treadmill once the cold weather is too much for me.

What are your thoughts? Do you worry about your kiddos not being active? Are things better than they used to be? Is there something you would change?

Heart your lifestyle,


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  1. Deanna says:

    I understand this study is about autism but the evidence that we are doing damage to our children with screen time is insurmountable! This article talks about what happened AFTER screen time was replaced with other activities. I tell parents this every day all day long.


    1. I totally agree! That’s so much of my debate. I always try to limit what our kids do electronically.


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