Family Game Day

Do you and your family play board games? We started with Chutes and Ladders, then moved on up. I tend to be very competitive which has helped my son to deal with disappointment (never give up!) even now with all the electronics that children have there is something special about dragging out a board game. We play Sorry, Gin Rummy, Monopoly are the favs around here, however, there are a lot more games we own.

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When Noah was in elementary school someone gifted us the game of Farkle. So much fun learning and playing at the same time!! He tends to be a “high roller” and I often lose on that one. LOL. Farkle in case you don’t know  is a fun and challenging dice game with multiple variations. Click on the link below if you would like to purchase the game Farkle.

When Noah was younger we would play hide-n-seek for what I would consider an abnormally long time. I loved how he would hide in the couch and think I couldn’t see him. These times with our little ones only last so long. Before you know it, they are playing D&D or dating. I am looking forward to many (and I cannot stress it enough when I say many) years from now playing games with my grand-babies. Starting of course with Chutes and Ladders!

Our routine hasn’t changed much even though Noah is now a teen. About once a month during bad weather, lazy Saturdays or just plain boredom we decide its game day. During those days, we almost always have something cooking in the crock pot. Check our my recipe section for some ideas. We also have plenty of snacks available (carrot chips anyone?) and music in the background. It was last week when Noah completely cleaned up and had “millions” of dollars from our Monopoly game. Oh well!! There is always next time.

Do you play any board games? If so, what is your all time favorite?

Heart your lifestyle,


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