Say it’s not so

Imagine my sons shock when he realized that he has to do chores and yet most of his friends do not. Noah (age 14) says that his friends get a kick out of seeing my daily text to him with a list of chores. I laugh because he doesn’t have nearly as many as I did growing up….including emptying ashtrays and washing them. YUCK!! My Mom was very strict on chores and Saturday mornings were a cleaning fest around the house. Even back then I had more chores than most kids. Anyone else relate? I knew though if I got them done I could get out of the house to play around noon. Who else played until the street lights came on?

I believe that children need schedules, they need discipline, and they need chores. And by discipline I don’t mean spanking, I simply mean the need of accountability. They need to be held responsible for doing their homework instead of being told it’s okay and that they can make it up later. Would we let them do that on the job?

I saw this recently and I thought this is so true! Kids are incredibly smart and they can utilize any household equipment no battery needed. LOL.

See below a list of age appropriate chores:

There are times I ease up especially when there are upcoming major tests or if he is crazy busy with choir, drama and piano. I am sure all the Mama’s out there can relate. The month of April and May are extremely busy (drama, choir, field trips) and I take over most things. Do I tell him this? Nope, but I know he realizes it. I did notice over the summer Noah took on more chores without being asked and even cooked a simple dinner. Hey! I will gladly eat a meal and trade-off doing dishes in exchange. Can I hear an amen on that one?

Do you give your kids chores? If so, what are they? If not, why have you not? I would love to get your input on this.

Heart your lifestyle,


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