8 Things To Enjoy

Enjoying a hug

“Live life to the fullest because it only happens once.”

Matt Morris

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Yesterday, Noah gave me a very, very, very long hug. If you have teens you know how uncommon these hugs can be. Take those rare moments and enjoy them!! We had planned to spend the day together and one thing happened after another. We ended up not being able to spend much time together and before we knew it Noah had to go to his dads. Before we left the house he apologized for our lack of time (he really is going to make some future wife very happy) and he hugged me. I mean really hugged me. I mean how sweet is Noah?

All this got me to thinking about things I truly relish. Here are a few things I thought of in no certain order:

  • Hugs
  • Quiet time on the front porch
  • Photo albums
  • Singing at the top of my lungs (sorry neighbors!)
  • Hot cup of tea on the front porch
  • Friends that just drop by
  • Spontaneous gifts being the giver or receiver (If you haven’t read Gary Chapman’s book about the 5 Love Languages it is a great read!)
  • Anytime I can go to a lake, beach, or waterfalls.

I have been focusing a lot this year on being happier and appreciating those moments in life that fly by way to quickly. It seems like in a blink of a moment our kiddos are little then BAM!! they are going off to college. I mean wasn’t he just an infant and learning to talk?!? Treasure those moments with them. Listen to them and their drama (we all had drama back then), let them make those necessary mistakes and encourage them to get back up and try again.

These are just a few of my favorites things. Now I am thinking that song from The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews. (Enjoy the video below). I am sure that this list could go on forever. What about you? Is there something you treasure more than other things? Is it anywhere near my list? Please share with me something special in your life that you treasure.

Heart your lifestyle,


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