Belmont Masion

The Beautiful Belmont Masion

We live about an hour away from Nashville, Tennessee which as you probably know by now is known as Music City. Country music anyone? What you may not know is that Nashville has a ton of architectural designs to see. We have enjoyed the Parthenon and their art exhibits, Bell Meade Plantation, Cheekwood Estate and Gardens, and more recently the Belmont Mansion.

This beautiful Italian Villa was built in 1853 and is in great shape. While we were there they are still in the process of restoration and preservation. The rooms are beautifully decorated and the tour is totally worth taking. The lady of the house born in 1817 was Adelicia Hayes Franklin Acklen Cheatham and was married three times. Her first husband left her a millionaire which left her very much well off. A millionaire for that time period was needless to say very well off!! Apparently, she requested what is now known as the first prenup when marrying her second husband. Very smart for her time! Her story though is very sad. Out of 10 children six of them died, three died within 6 months due to illness.

During the civil war Confederate soldiers took over the Belmont Masion and after they left Adelicia sued the government for $20,000 in damages. The suit never was finalized though.

Belmont Masion was sold in 1890 to two ladies who opened up a girl’s school. All the furniture that the ladies didn’t want went into the basement. Can you imagine? That furniture now is in the home being displayed as it should. Today the villa sits next to Belmont University which is a co-educational liberal arts college. I imagine that before the university was built that you could see all of Nashville in its glory. Back then it was known as a luxury to have 175 acres and it not be a working farm. She truly lived a life of luxury.

If you are interested in learning or reading more about Belmont Masion here is the link:

As always I would love to hear from you. What is your favorite historic home to visit? Have you been to Belmont Masion?

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