Free & Fun Things To Do With the Family

It’s that time of the year again. Summer!! That means figuring out fun (preferably free) things to do over the summer. Do your kids say that they are bored? Mine does. Yep. To many times to count. I rattle off various things that he is always saying Noah wants to do but he doesn’t wish to do them when I suggest it. LOL. Can you relate? Over the years, I have come up with fun, cheap and sometimes free things to do. I will map out our 8 weeks of school freedom and break them down so that we have fun things to do all summer.

Driftwood Beach at Jekyll Island
  • 1. Go to a State park. There are so many hiking trails, swimming holes, rock climbing, zip lining, canoeing opportunities. Perfect picture time too.
  • 2. Visit your public library. Kids want to read when they see their parents read. I read two books at a time. One for pleasure (currently reading Mary Kay Andrews Sunset Beach and one business book which is Go Pro by Eric Worre).
  • 3. Go to the beach. Y’all know how I feel about the beach. Nothing like the sound of the waves to bring peace. I feel like the beach is considered a free activity from looking for seashells, looking for sand fleas, swimming to walking.
  • 4. Free public concerts. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs.
  • 5. Have a movie marathon. Netflix or Hulu have great options. Sometimes we visit the library for older movies.
  • 6. Camp under the stars at your home. Make s’mores, roast marshmallows and name the stars. How fun is that?
  • 7. Make a photo album of your summer. Every summer when we go to a new place, I make a small photo album. Remember the good times during bad weather.
  • 8. Visit your local ice cream factory or any other fun interests.. Learn how ice cream is made, and enjoy the free tastings.
  • 9. Visit a museum. Children love learning about new cultures. We live close to Nashville and have numerous learning opportunities from the Frist, to the Parthenon.
  • 10. Go to the zoo. I could watch the giraffes all day. They are so graceful.
  • 11. Take a picnic. I like cold chicken and coleslaw followed up by strawberry ice cream sandwiches.
  • 12. Go to a local cleaning up the river event or any other community service event. Maybe a nursing home, homeless shelter, cleaning up a school playground. By giving back to the community you teach your kiddos to appreciate what they have.
  • 13. Visit a local petting farm. Pet a pig, brush a bunny, hang with llamas.
  • 14. Visit a historical home. It is interesting to see how they lived so many years ago.
  • 15. Visit the airport and watch planes take off.
  • 16. Go on a bike ride. Feel the wind and race.
  • 17. Have a water balloon fight. Need I say more?
  • 18. Go to a cave. Mammoth cave is one our favorites.
  • 19. Go tubing down the river. How fun would that be on a hot day?
  • 20. Go to the movies. A lot of times during the summer, theaters will offer $5 Tuesdays which includes a snack and drink.

If you have a favorite activity would you please share. I would like to see what you do for fun over summer break.

Until next time,


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