Green Beans

Green bean teepee

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We planted pole beans this season and there are numerous ways to stake them. I am always amazed to see them sprout up so quickly. Green beans are great for kids because of the quick results. Yes, I do realize that I can be very child like!! Above is a photo of a technique that is very easy to create. Plus, it is very easy to create relatively inexpensive and can used again. The trick is to make sure you do this before the green beans all get tangled. Yes, I speak from experience!!

I use meal worms along with organic fertilizer. Underneath all the fertilizer I use cardboard which helps prevent weeds. You need to do this yearly because the cardboard will begin to decompose.

Green beans take a lot of water so I suggest using a rain barrel. See below. Currently, our location has not been getting much rain, so our water bill has increased. I am praying for rain because I notice that our plants do much better with rain water compared to city water.

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