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Remember that show called, “This Old House?” and how it seemed like they were never done renovating that house? Sometimes I feel like that with our house home. We are fortunate to live in a 1940’s farm house. We rent but have the option to buy if we would like. I have been thinking about it and think about all those glamorous charming photos on Instagram that I envision our house looking like. (yes, I daydream!) I love the house, the neighborhood, and yard. There are drawbacks though like not having a dishwasher. (Oh boy!)

Our neighbors greeted us within days of us moving in and we have become friends over the past couple of years. We look out for each other and are there for Christmas events, do garage sales together, periodic lunches and even take over a meal when each other is ill. It is nice to feel safe and have the neighborhood watching out for each other.

Before this, we lived in a much larger city where I didn’t even know my neighbors. It got me to thinking about how much life has changed over the past 50 years (really the past 100 years). Years ago, if a farm were in trouble the whole town would gather together. Remember reading about those barn raising events? Wouldn’t it be nice to have that security of watching out for each other? I wasn’t around in the 1800’s but I think I would have fit in just fine.

Things were safer for sure. I try not to watch then news to often, however, I know the world has changed drastically which is why I long for getting back to the basics. People cared about each other and watched out for each other. I challenge you (yes I know you are busy) to reach out to a neighbor. Instead of grabbing your mail and walking in the door, say “Hi!” you never know what may happen.

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