Fall Creek Falls

Yesterday, we took a two hour trip to visit Fall Creek Falls. What a great way to spend a day trip. We packed plenty of snacks, water, and sun screen (spf 50) and headed on our way.

Fall Creek Falls is 26,000 acres of beauty and if you enjoy nature this is a wonderful state park to visit. Below is more information if you are ever in the area. We hiked down to Burgess Falls and did some swimming. Please be aware of snakes (we saw a rat snake in a tree!!) and ticks. We experienced both so double check your body for ticks. There is a suspension bridge that is not for the faint of heart! I did good hiking down, however, there was about 6 little ones that rocked the bridge with their running. LOL. It turned out okay though even some parents stated that they felt nauseous.


There are plenty of swimming opportunities so bring your suit. There is also a swimming pool near the entrance of the park. We had burgers, fries and water that we shared next to the swimming pool. Since it was Memorial Day Weekend the park was very crowded.

The park has numerous fishing and lake cabins and they are even in the middle of renovating the lodge. It should be beautiful when they are completed.

Fall Creek Dam

I am a big believer in getting out of the house and participating with our kids in the great outdoors. Noah thankfully enjoys being outside and doesn’t mind me blaring the music on the way. I’m loving Spotify! I’m not sure about your kids but mine likes to chat on the way.

Until next time,


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