Harry, Hermione and Noah?


If you are a Harry Potter fan then Universal Studios is on your list of either to do, or go back to do. Noah has thoroughly loved the books and movies since 3rd grade. Don’t even get me started on his teacher saying he would never finish the first book! Boy was she in for a surprise. To say he is obsessed is putting it mildly, so after years of him talking about it endlessly I decided it was a must do trip.

Word of advice plan to go in cooler months and hopefully not during a Fall break. We went during the busiest time. The lady in the dress shop told us that NYE (concert anyone?) is the busiest day followed by Spring break, the Fall break. We were like ants marching in a line.

We ate at The Leaky Cauldron. It was a great experience! We had purchased meal tickets which was a great convenience.

Choosing the wand or does the wand choose you?

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